A downloadable game for Windows

ORSLA: One Robots Single Limb Adventure

A simple physics game about a poor robot that was thrown in the trash. He only has one limb left navigate his new home with. Can you help guide him to find new parts.

A                       : Left Arm Spawn/Despawn
S                       : Left Leg Spawn/Despawn
D                       : Right Leg Spawn/Despawn
F                       : Right Arm Spawn/Despawn
Mouse X Screen Position : Arm rotation
Mouse Y Screen Position : Arm/Leg Extension
Left Click              : Fire Rockets when leg is present
R                       : Reset back to last save position

Editor Controls:
Tilde               : Switch to Editor/Game
Q/E                 : Change Tool
WASD                : Move View
P                   : Set player start position to mouse pos
Shift               : Hold to disable grid snapping for some things
Tab                 : Toggle Sprite Visibility
Ctrl+Tab            : Toggle triangle lock
Ctrl+S              : Save Level to test.lvl
Ctrl+O              : Load level from test.lvl
Left/Right          : Rotate selected sprite
Up/Down             : Scale selected sprite
Ctrl+Mouse Wheel    : Change placing sprite
Ctrl+Up/Down        : Change selected sprite layer
Ctrl+S              : Save
Ctrl+A              : Select/Deselect Everything
Ctrl+D              : Duplicate the selected items
V                   : Toggle Triangle Visibility
Open/Close Brackets : Change color of selected item or color of tool if not selected
Pipe                : Toggle Debug Overlay and Rendering
F5                  : Reload Resources
F6                  : Show/Hide Debug Console
F7                  : Toggle Framerate visual
Shift+F7            : Toggle Memory Visualization

Creators: Taylor Robbins, Kyle Shutt, and Devon Lawless

All graphics and music were made during the jam. The game engine is a custom OpenGL/C++ game engine that we started from at the beginning of the jam.

Some Sound Effects come from Robot Sound Factory: https://www.littlerobotsoundfactory.com

Theme: Only One

The robot can only have one limb at a time

The main song for the game only uses one note (various octaves and instruments of C)

The game takes place in a single level

Install instructions

1. Extract the zip file into a folder of your choice

2. Run oalinst.exe if you haven't install OpenAL for sound effects before
3. Run vc_redist.x86.exe for 32 bit operating systems or vc_redist.x64.exe for 64 bit operating systems
4. Run ORSLA.exe


ORSLA.zip (Original Version, Ending Banner was missing, Some Geometry was messed 32 MB
ORSLA_Fixed.zip (Submitted slightly after deadline) 32 MB


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Quite confusing and a little bit clunky, and I couldn't really get past the initial area, but I liked the faces based on the robot's state.

haha thanks, those were a lot of fun to figure out. We realized that the controls would be hard for people. the challenge of the game is mastering them. thanks for playing.